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An Insight into the Founders

The International Schools of Kenana Guardians, consisting of Dr. Fawzi Salama, Dr. Wedad Eweda, Mr. Usama Fawzi, Mr. Omar Fawzi, Ms. Enas Fawzi, and Dr. Talaat Fawzi, has established The International Schools of Kenana with a vision to create a leading educational institution that provides an enlightened path for young generations. The founders have dedicated themselves to creating a safe haven for students to flourish in an atmosphere of affection, virtues, and intellect. This article provides an overview of the Guardians and their contributions to the institution.

Dr. Fawzi Salama and Dr. Wedad Eweda

Dr. Fawzi and Dr. Wedad, the Major Guardians and Founders of The International Schools of Kenana, laid the foundation of The International Schools of Kenana in 1996, with the aim of starting a leading educational institution that will stand as a beacon for all those who seek an enlightened path, having themselves followed such a path, obtaining Master of Business Administration. They took it upon their shoulders to create a safe haven for young generations where they can bloom and flourish in an aura of affection, virtues and intellect, and partnership with the society to provide the proper tools for implementing this vision. 

May their efforts be blessed with fruitful success for eternity.

Mr. Usama Fawzi

Usama Fawzi Soliman, the Rutgers State University graduate with Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, is one of the major founders of The International Schools of Kenana, laying the foundations of an educational institution that lasted with sturdy success for 25 years, and continues to thrive steadily.

Usama Fawzi started with the vision of achieving success and excellence in his school, and as he followed his path his vision widened to add value to all the various international educational systems via launching multiple schools as national and international worldwide educational organizations.

As The Director of the institution, He believes that sharing his vision with his school community is a main pillar to the success of the school and the smoothness of the journey, and he is fully aware that retention of staff and learners is major for steady and constant progress of the educational process within the institution.jjj

Usama Fawzi is keen on continuous development of the school, seeing closely to all the latest educational facilities whether academic, social or emotional, and makes sure that the school keeps its state-of-the-art status among educational institutions in Egypt, providing opportunities to the widest possible ranges of society to benefit and advance.

Additionally, he is also keen on spreading the spirit of perseverance, constant hard work, development, follow up and efficient decision making among the staff, and he is highly attentive to the parental and guardian population for presenting the best provisions possible of best educational, character building and career readiness.

As the paternal guardian of the institution, he follows up the personnel and the students diligently with a careful eye and a dedicated compassion. As a descendant of a well-established honorable family, he not only administers the school as a head of an institution, but masters as a parent who guides, disciplines, and loves, inspiring his community to preserve humanity, culture and familial ties alongside progress, success and openness to the world.

Usama Fawzi’s big dream for his educational community is to maintain the level of excellence and to continuously work on improving. In such manner, educators will provide better opportunities for the students and for themselves. He takes upon himself to always motivate educators and learners to reach their full potential.

Ms. Enas Fawzi

Enas Fawzi is the Vice General Manager, and one of the School’s Family Owners, at The International Schools of Kenana, American Division. She is a graduate of The American University of Cairo, with Bachelor Degree that majors in Accounting, and a minor Psychology.

Ms. Enas has been the major catalyst in transforming her school into an excellent modern educational institution. Throughout her improvement and innovation strategies, she tripled the population of her school in less than 7 years.

To Enas Fawzi, upgrading educational resources and staff to accommodate global perspective and to meet international standards was her foremost strategy to initiate dire advances required for a learner targeting state-of-the-art higher education and extraordinary career.

In addition to supervising the total renovations of the school’ buildings and facilities, she was nonetheless attentive to the rapid changes occurring in the educational field. As the digital platforms and tools were speeding up to replace the former regular display of educational context and educational population communication, she was keen on transforming her school to an advanced digitally literate community capable of applying technology with extreme smoothness and prominent professionalism that the shift to online delivery and assessment was effortless.

Besides making sure that learners and educators take their stand with strength and empathy, whether in providing aid to lacking educational institutions or afflicted individuals in our society, Enas Fawzi made sure that learners and educators are taking their stand with sustaining academic and practical distinguishment via applying a whole STEM curriculum integrated within the school’s daily schedule, an approach that inspired many of the school’s learners and educators to challenge their own utmost capabilities, where educators pursued post graduate studies vehemently and learners discovered matchless skills in innovation and project execution, collecting one trophy after the other in national and international competitions and attaining scholarships in several international universities throughout the world.

Enas Fawzi continues the development of her institution, the latest of which is inaugurating another educational system, namely the British Division in addition to the American and National Divisions which she co-manages, and examining the establishment of the IB Division.

Mr. Omar Fawzi

Mr. Omar Fawzi, the Vice Managing Director, tutelage of Mr. Usama Fawzi for 5 years now is enthusiastically moving forward in the educational sector and Graduated with high honors from construction engineering from the American University in Cairo with a specialization in construction management, he worked as a Professor Teaching Assistant and at The AUC, and worked for one year as a site planner that held responsibilities with resource allocation and time management.