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The educational field is widely considered one of the most reliable and valuable investments globally, even in challenging times. Education is a fundamental need for people and is essential for societal progress, making it a field that is constantly in demand. Therefore, for several reasons, we believe that it is an opportune time to expand our investment in education.

The International Schools of Kenana has developed a strategic approach to the educational market, which is widely regarded as one of the best approaches that considers the intricacies of this market. 

Our approach takes into account the vast diversity of society and provides provisions for influencing and attracting a broad range of societal sectors, ensuring the stability and continuity of our learners’ community in our worldwide-related ongoing progress in the National, American, and British Divisions.

With over twenty-five years of experience in managing and directing The International Schools of Kenana, we have demonstrated an indisputable success over the years. The number of students continues to increase, and the reputation of the school is highly regarded and well-deserved.

Our success is attributed to our ability to persuade people to adopt new ideas and believe in the necessary progress a school’s community must maintain. We have always been committed to providing quality education with the best practices in leadership, methodologies, assessments, technologies, and general facilities, with a well-studied and organized budget management. Our effective staff selection has helped us achieve our goals, catering to the needs of our clients and solving their problems, resulting in a low turnover profile among them. Our twenty years of exposure in the educational field have not only provided us with experience but also the insight to anticipate problems, evaluate the pros and cons of a situation, and make the right decisions. As the demand for rapidly growing international education worldwide continues to rise, we believe it is time to expand regionally.

The International Schools of Kenana is an educational institution that has been solidly established since 1996 and has expanded consistently over time. The purpose of our organization lies at the heart of knowledge and practice. Our structure is robustly and systematically fixed, with a reasonable amount of flexibility to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students. 

Our notions and practices target international competence, and our embedded values and beliefs are culturally sensitive as we work hard to put our educational institution within a universal context. 

The main indicators of our success lie in the booming number of enrolling students over the years, the high satisfaction in student and parent survey analysis, our students winning several scientific competitions, the number of students joining universities, and those traveling abroad for scholarships.


ISK Education

The International Schools of Kenana is a highly esteemed educational institution that was established in 1996 with a strong commitment to making significant contributions to the national and international education sectors. Over the past 25 years, the school has demonstrated a consistent track record of success and progressive development in all aspects of its culturally comprehensive and rich educational system. 

The school is situated on a sprawling 34,000 square meter campus, which is meticulously maintained and continuously improved to provide students with state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor facilities.

The International Schools of Kenana has received multiple accreditations and licenses from prestigious organizations such as Cambridge, Edexcel, and Oxford for The British School, Cognia (previously AdvancEd) for the American School, STEM.org for the school’s STEM curriculum, and The Egyptian Ministry of Education License for The National School and all the other schools as well. The school is currently in the process of applying for MSA accreditation for the American School.

Since its inception, The International Schools of Kenana has successfully graduated over 2,500 students who have gone on to join esteemed national and international universities in countries such as Britain, America, Turkey, Malaysia, and Russia. The school currently boasts an enrollment of over 2,200 students in The National School and over 600 students in the International Schools, with an annual increase of approximately 300 students.


The National School has a total of 56 classes, with an average of 5 classes per grade, while the American School has 28 classes with an average of 2 classes per grade. The British School, which was inaugurated in the current academic year, has one full class with another class in progress.

The school maintains a favorable student-teacher ratio, with a sufficient number of staff to cater to the needs of the students and ensure that they receive high-quality education. The International Schools of Kenana continues to maintain its position as a leading educational institution, committed to providing exceptional educational opportunities to its students.

An Insight into the Founders

The International Schools of Kenana Guardians, consisting of Dr. Fawzi Salama, Dr. Wedad Eweda, Mr. Usama Fawzi, Mr. Omar Fawzi, Ms. Enas Fawzi, and Dr. Talaat Fawzi, has established The International Schools of Kenana with a vision to create a leading educational institution that provides an enlightened path for young generations. The founders have dedicated themselves to creating a safe haven for students to flourish in an atmosphere of affection, virtues, and intellect. This article provides an overview of the Guardians and their contributions to the institution.


Dr. Fawzi Salama and Dr. Wedad Eweda

Dr. Fawzi and Dr. Wedad, the Major Guardians and Founders of The International Schools of Kenana, laid the foundation of The International Schools of Kenana in 1996, with the aim of starting a leading educational institution that will stand as a beacon for all those who seek an enlightened path, having themselves followed such a path, obtaining Master of Business Administration. They took it upon their shoulders to create a safe haven for young generations where they can bloom and flourish in an aura of affection, virtues and intellect, and partnership with the society to provide the proper tools for implementing this vision. 

May their efforts be blessed with fruitful success for eternity.

Mr. Usama

Mr. Usama Fawzi

Usama Fawzi Soliman, the Rutgers State University graduate with Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, is one of the major founders of The International Schools of Kenana, laying the foundations of an educational institution that lasted with sturdy success for 25 years, and continues to thrive steadily.



Ms. Enas

Ms. Enas Fawzi

Enas Fawzi is the Vice General Manager, and one of the School’s Family Owners, at The International Schools of Kenana, American Division. She is a graduate of The American University of Cairo, with Bachelor Degree that majors in Accounting, and a minor Psychology.


Mr. Omar Fawzi

Mr. Omar Fawzi, the Vice Managing Director, tutelage of Mr. Usama Fawzi for 5 years now is enthusiastically moving forward in the educational sector and Graduated with high honors from construction engineering from the American University in Cairo with a specialization in construction management, he worked as a Professor Teaching Assistant and at The AUC, and worked for one year as a site planner that held responsibilities with resource allocation and time management.

School Culture and Educational Philosophy

ISK School Culture

ISK School Culture

The International Schools of Kenana has developed a robust and unique school culture that combines three different organizational styles, namely Hierarchy, Adhocracy, and Market approaches. However, the school confidently asserts that the prevailing culture within the institution is that of a Clan Culture.

This culture is characterized by leaders who act as facilitators, mentors, and team builders, driven by a commitment to communication and development. The school believes that continuous participation, support, and constructive feedback are essential factors for successful implementation. Our Whole School Approach centers on integrating academic achievement with character building through effective communication. We prioritize our students and prepare them to face the future with creativity, openness, and confidence. We believe that embracing problems and flaws as opportunities to grow is fundamental in shaping our students’ character.


At The International Schools of Kenana, the safety and security of our students are of utmost importance. We believe that students work better in a safe and secure environment, and therefore, we have put in place procedures to ensure that all stakeholders can deal with students in an appropriate and correct way in accordance with the school’s safety and child protection policy. The School Board, with its responsibility for ensuring the safety of every student, teacher, support staff, and admin, has established a code of guidelines, procedures, and policies that all personnel in the school must follow.

ISK School Culture

Parental Engagement

Parental engagement is a crucial aspect of our educational philosophy at The International Schools of Kenana. We encourage parents to be involved in the educational process, and our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) provides a platform for parents to offer suggestions. Parents are invited to become judges in school science fairs, and their valuable comments, along with external judges, are taken into consideration.

Parents also play an important role in sharing awareness campaigns where parents with relevant jobs to the topic being discussed volunteer and give sessions to the students.

Managerial Outlines

To ensure that all stakeholders are properly oriented with the school’s mission, direction, and goals, Kenana, American Division, has put in place a set of procedures and arrangements. These comprise Mission and Vision awareness, multiple forms of communication, and guiding documents. The school consistently executes actions designed to improve organizational and instructional effectiveness. A set of practices and procedures are implemented in the school to ensure that learners, instructional staff, leadership, school staff, and the community are in a continuous state of improvement and progress. The school verifies that it has the proper capacity to achieve such practices and actions. To attain the appropriate capacity for improvement, the school ensures that actions taken undergo the following procedures: examining needs, examining resources, making decisions implementation and follow-up, measuring, and modifying.

The school focuses on providing needs related to learners’ academic knowledge and practical skills to help learners raise their academic and practical levels. The school works towards providing its learners with all the requirements to attain their capacity for improvement. The main assets the school provides for students to attain their full capacity include the appropriate number of professional instructors and co-teachers and a safe environment for learning. The school also provides multiple resources and measuring tools to ascertain that students have the capacity to achieve. Such resources target getting learners to be college and career-ready and attain competency in future markets.

At The International Schools of Kenana, all academic and personal development practices with the students are carried out in a family-oriented atmosphere. Ethics, affection, and smart choices are the streaming channels of interaction in the school’s community. These vigorous and comprehensive efforts target delivering creative individuals prepared for college and career readiness, assured market competitiveness, and international recognition in world universities and multinational companies in the contemporary progressive and constantly changing world.

The School’s Philosophy

Kenana, American Division, has clearly delineated beliefs, behavioral procedures and code of ethics to achieve its Vision and Mission. The Vision, Mission and behavior are communicated via the school handbooks to stakeholders.



ISK, provides contemporary, updated, inclusive standardized curricula that are continuously applied and developed by technology usage comprising the most innovative digital educational features via well-trained, informed, and professional educators, and guaranteed by reliable assessments, dedicated follow up, sustainable problem solving and suitable facilities.



Encourage students to acquire life knowledge, academic skills and leadership qualities through genuine educational quality for attaining exceptional competences.

We strive to achieve our vision by offering:



At the International Schools of Kenana, American Division, we prioritize instilling the following values in our students:
- Learning Fortitude
- Global Citizenship
- Innovation
- Leadership



- We believe that education is vital and starts from early childhood and it is a life –long process.
- We believe that each child has a unique personality and should be treated accordingly.
- We believe that it is essential to recruit, develop and retain outstanding personnel.
- We believe that utilizing up-to-date technology is essential to prepare students for the future.
- We believe that the school’s curriculum should help to develop the child while preparing him for university.
- We believe that effective communication between all school members and parents promotes trust and teamwork.

School Divisions and Academic Stages

The National School

The National School strives to ensure that the instructional approach caters to multiple intelligences and interacts with every student as an intellectually distinctive individual. Students receive practical instruction in addition to theoretical knowledge, and they gain their educational experience through scientific experiments, technological applications, educationally oriented electronic games, and 3D displays. The instructional approach emphasizes enhancing creativity through Kenana Clubs and workshops to allow students to distinguish artistic and scientific expression. Students have records of all their study materials, homework, assignments, and grades.

The school is diligent in enhancing students’ character building throug Behavioral Awareness Campaigns about bullying, self-protection, environmental recycling, and consumption reduction. Furthermore, Kenana Community Service trips connect our students to their inevitable role in social improvement.


The British School

The British School is the latest expansion of The International Schools of Kenana. It received its high school accreditation from the three esteemed accrediting bodies, namely Cambridge, Oxford, and Edexcel within one year of its inauguration in 2021. The school operated Year 10 in its first year and continues steadily with Year 10 and 11 in 2023, led by the highest professional and certified staff, instructors, and examiners. The British School is committed to providing students with a comprehensive education that prepares them for success in their future academic and professional endeavors.

The American School

The American Division in Depth:

Kenana Education Spirit: Desire to Inspire

At the International Schools of Kenana (ISK), we share a deep belief in the importance of our work and approach it with unparalleled passion and dedication. We foster a respectful, sociable, orderly, supportive, and motivating atmosphere that allows us to inspire one another. Kenana Educational Organization is committed to delivering exceptional educational experiences that enrich the learning process at the national and international levels.

To achieve our educational excellence, our vision and mission prioritize the utilization of up-to-date curricula, qualified educators, and necessary resources that empower learners with 21st-century skills. Our daily mission involves the continuous efforts of our board of directors, leadership heads, and managing bodies, which encompass the selection, induction, monitoring, evaluation, training, and coaching of exceptional teachers.

Additionally, we prioritize the provision of up-to-date student-centered curricula that foster lifelong learning, autonomy, creativity, critical thinking, decision-making, and leadership. This process is supported by standardized, aligned curricula and inclusive, fair, valid, and reliable assessments. We leverage comprehensive on-site and online facilities, advanced technologies, and ongoing evaluation and improvement, including the successful application of STEM, to realize this vision.

The American School, which is part of ISK, receives its accreditation from Cognia (Advanced previously) every five years after a thorough and meticulous examination of the validity of the school’s operations. The accreditation process includes the effective alignment to the American Curricula standards, namely Common Core, NGSS, and ISTE, the analysis of the standardized MAP test, and the efficient procedures of implementing the different programs that we adopt, such as reading, listening, STEM, and counseling programs.

To achieve success in our approach, the school has a pool of distinguished resources, including updated standards-aligned books, multiple working and efficient digital platforms, continuous staff training, monitored adequate methodology, and summative, formative, and standardized assessments. These assessments mainly reside in trimester subject exams, annual MAP tests, projects, homework, and participation as clearly defined and constantly updated in the School Learning Management System. Additionally, there is a daily record of all the students’ lessons, assignments, and resources, all of which are available as part of the robust communication digital platform of the school.

The instructional approach at the American Division follows the eleot pattern as defined by Cognia, which focuses on providing an effective learning environment that is equitable, of high expectations, supportive, active, monitored, well-managed, and digitalized. Teachers receive annual training to meet the requirements for engaging students and driving outcomes to their best.

The events and activities for academic students encompass educational and fun factors, including fun days, steam and science fairs, business fairs, MUN, debates, garage sales, and International Days (Water Day, Earth Day, Arabic Language Day, etc.), and Annual Talent Shows.

Additionally, other programs and activities are introduced to boost students’ academic performance and personal development, such as Community Service (Kenana Ethar), Reading Programs, Listening Programs, Talent Clubs, Individualized Learning Digital Systems, SAT preparation, Student Career Counseling, Character Building & Leadership, National and International Competitions.

The STEAM program, which is tailored to the school’s curricula in collaboration with specialized engineers, has helped our students win several science competitions, including the Child Expo Science Fair, FLL Competition, Minesweeper Competition, Spacecraft Competition, and the students’ projects have been featured on DMC channel. STEAM-gained skills have enabled Kenana students and alumni to create inventions, receive scholarships in international universities, gain university sponsorship of Kenana alumni research, and display confidently before high-caliber professionals.

Kenana Educational Organization will continue to pursue its educational progress and distinguishment, extending our goals globally toward a future where our institution will be highly competent with all its achievements, and a lifelong vision of excellence and prevalence.

School Stages​

Learning Support, College and Career Readiness and Extracurricular Activities

At the International Schools of Kenana, American Division, we recognize the importance of extracurricular activities in allowing students to explore their interests and develop their skills beyond the classroom. To this end, we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, drama, art, and community service. In addition, we provide a variety of clubs and organizations that enable students to connect with others who share their interests and passions…

At the International Schools of Kenana (ISK), we are dedicated to providing our students with access to advanced tools and interfaces that align with the needs of 21st-century learners.

– An International Personalized Adaptive Learning System
– A Premium School Learning Management System
Authorized Digital Online Libraries
Interactive Smart Board Software Program
Key Lifetime Kenana Mail
Daily Updated Interactive Website


At the International Schools of Kenana (ISK), we are passionate advocates for the integration of social and emotional learning into education from preschool to high school. As such, we fully embrace the CASEL initiative and its motto of “Educating Hearts, Inspiring Minds”…

At the International Schools of Kenana (ISK), we are dedicated toproviding our students with the necessary information and skill development to excel in their college and career pursuits. We offer a wide range of resources and programs…

At the International Schools of Kenana (ISK), we prioritize the promotion of STEM education and are committed to providing our students with the skills and knowledge they require to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our STEM initiatives comprise the following…

In summary, at ISK, we recognize the crucial role of educators in shaping the lives of their students. We are committed to promoting professionalism and upholding ethical standards in education to ensure that our students receive the best possible educational experience.

At the International Schools of Kenana (ISK), we prioritize the promotion of STEM education and are committed to providing our students with the skills and knowledge they require to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our STEM initiatives comprise the following:

Sports and athletics play a vital role in school education at ISK…

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