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Facilities and Services

At the International Schools of Kenana (ISK), we take pride in offering our students a conducive learning environment that is supported by a range of facilities and services. We constantly upgrade and maintain these facilities and services to ensure the smooth implementation of day-to-day educational procedures.

Our facilities and services include:

  • Spacious classrooms that are conducive to learning.
  • Smart boards in all classrooms to enhance learning and teaching.
  • Air-conditioning in all classrooms for the comfort of students.
  • Science and computer labs equipped with the latest technology to
    enhance learning.
  • Library that is well-stocked with a wide range of reading materials
  • Health clinic staffed with qualified medical personnel to attend to
    students’ health needs.
  • Indoor gymnasia to promote physical fitness and wellbeing.
  • Half-Olympic swimming pool and juniors swimming pool for swimming lessons and recreational activities.
  • Student lockers in all classrooms to keep personal belongings safe.
  • Indoor lunch cafeteria that serves nutritious meals to students and
  • Music rooms equipped with musical instruments and equipment to
    promote music education.
  • Spacious art rooms that are well-equipped to promote creativity and
    artistic expression.
  • Football, tennis, and volleyball playgrounds to promote sports and
    physical fitness.
  • Basketball playground that is well-maintained and equipped with
  • Running track to promote physical fitness and training.
  • Horseback riding facilities to promote equestrian sports and physical fitness.
  • Outdoor play areas that are well-maintained and equipped with facilities.
  • School bookstore that stocks a wide range of textbooks and reading
    materials for students and staff.
  • School buses that provide safe and reliable transportation to and from school.
  • STEM Workshop that is well-equipped to promote STEM education and hands-on learning.
  • 3D Printer & CNC Laser Cutter to promote innovation and creativity.