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The American School

The American Division in Depth:

Kenana Education Spirit: Desire to Inspire

At the International Schools of Kenana (ISK), we share a deep belief in the importance of our work and approach it with unparalleled passion and dedication. We foster a respectful, sociable, orderly, supportive, and motivating atmosphere that allows us to inspire one another. Kenana Educational Organization is committed to delivering exceptional educational experiences that enrich the learning process at the national and international levels.

To achieve our educational excellence, our vision and mission prioritize the utilization of up-to-date curricula, qualified educators, and necessary resources that empower learners with 21st-century skills. Our daily mission involves the continuous efforts of our board of directors, leadership heads, and managing bodies, which encompass the selection, induction, monitoring, evaluation, training, and coaching of exceptional teachers.

Additionally, we prioritize the provision of up-to-date student-centered curricula that foster lifelong learning, autonomy, creativity, critical thinking, decision-making, and leadership. This process is supported by standardized, aligned curricula and inclusive, fair, valid, and reliable assessments. We leverage comprehensive on-site and online facilities, advanced technologies, and ongoing evaluation and improvement, including the successful application of STEM, to realize this vision.

The American School, which is part of ISK, receives its accreditation from Cognia (Advanced previously) every five years after a thorough and meticulous examination of the validity of the school’s operations. The accreditation process includes the effective alignment to the American Curricula standards, namely Common Core, NGSS, and ISTE, the analysis of the standardized MAP test, and the efficient procedures of implementing the different programs that we adopt, such as reading, listening, STEM, and counseling programs.

To achieve success in our approach, the school has a pool of distinguished resources, including updated standards-aligned books, multiple working and efficient digital platforms, continuous staff training, monitored adequate methodology, and summative, formative, and standardized assessments. These assessments mainly reside in trimester subject exams, annual MAP tests, projects, homework, and participation as clearly defined and constantly updated in the School Learning Management System. Additionally, there is a daily record of all the students’ lessons, assignments, and resources, all of which are available as part of the robust communication digital platform of the school.

The instructional approach at the American Division follows the eleot pattern as defined by Cognia, which focuses on providing an effective learning environment that is equitable, of high expectations, supportive, active, monitored, well-managed, and digitalized. Teachers receive annual training to meet the requirements for engaging students and driving outcomes to their best.

The events and activities for academic students encompass educational and fun factors, including fun days, steam and science fairs, business fairs, MUN, debates, garage sales, and International Days (Water Day, Earth Day, Arabic Language Day, etc.), and Annual Talent Shows.

Additionally, other programs and activities are introduced to boost students’ academic performance and personal development, such as Community Service (Kenana Ethar), Reading Programs, Listening Programs, Talent Clubs, Individualized Learning Digital Systems, SAT preparation, Student Career Counseling, Character Building & Leadership, National and International Competitions.

The STEAM program, which is tailored to the school’s curricula in collaboration with specialized engineers, has helped our students win several science competitions, including the Child Expo Science Fair, FLL Competition, Minesweeper Competition, Spacecraft Competition, and the students’ projects have been featured on DMC channel. STEAM-gained skills have enabled Kenana students and alumni to create inventions, receive scholarships in international universities, gain university sponsorship of Kenana alumni research, and display confidently before high-caliber professionals.

Kenana Educational Organization will continue to pursue its educational progress and distinguishment, extending our goals globally toward a future where our institution will be highly competent with all its achievements, and a lifelong vision of excellence and prevalence.